Accounts and related services for MSE

By opening a domestic or foreign currency account with us, you realise the basis for mutual successful and long lasting cooperation. We tend to save you time and increase your business effectiveness by fast, complete and quality service. Wishing to enable you easer and faster banking as well as significant savings, we have tailored a package of services that will suit your needs.

By opening your LCY or FCY account with us, you lay the foundations for a long-term mutually satisfactory cooperation. Providing a fast, complete and excellent service, we are trying to save your time and increase the efficiency of your business.
Striving to make your business with the bank even easier, and significantly cheaper, we have put together packages of services tailored to meet your needs. Package is a common name for a number of different bank products and connected services, intended for a certain customer type. By taking a package, the customer saves money, because the single fee payable for such package is lower than the sum of fees payable for individual products. Also, by taking a package you become a Visa Business Debit cardholder and eLEMENT@ Internet banking user.
OTP banka boasts of efficient and fast international payments because of our cooperation with many banks worldwide. Our correspondent banks network enables us to provide payments services globally.