OTP Welcome

OTP Welcome package

Welcome to OTP with the OTP Welcome Package! Should you choose to set up an account with OTP banka, we suggest taking OTP Welcome Package, as it includes most of products and services intended for MSEs at lower rates. As a part of the OTP Welcome Package we offer a number of funding opportunities.

Take the advantages we offer

Compared to the existing packages such as OTP Start and OTP Extra, with the OTP Welcome Package we have gone the extra mile for you

  • thus, the fee charged for this package is by 50% lower than the next most affordable package - OTP Start
  • no fees for internal cashless orders and fees for external payment orders, on hard copy or on an electronic medium, by 50% lower
  • possibility of taking a loan without the front-end fee and at the interest by 0.5% lower than in the regular offer

Advantages gained with OTP Welcome Package can be used within 12 months from the date of setting up the package, or the loan. Upon the lapse of the mentioned period, OTP Welcome Package becomes OTP Start Package, or some other option, depending on your needs. After 12 months, the interest rate charged on the loan becomes equal to the rates charged on regular loans of the same type, or the interest charged to the holders of a certain package, provided you continue holding a package.

Check out how much you save with OTP Welcome Package!