Loan for farming

Loan for farming

We would like to stimulate your production and farming as such. Therefore, recognising the financial challenges you face, we have created agribusiness loans to fund your spring and autumn sawing, as well as farming of various sorts.

Lending terms and conditions:

Loan amount:

  • Depending on the culture grown

Front-end fee:

  • 1.50%, but not less than EUR 67, from the granted amount, payable from the loan.

Repayment deadline

  • up to 12 months (depending on the culture grown)


  • Loans for autumn sowing
  • Loans for spring sowing
  • Loans for dairy production
  • Loans for livestock farming
  • Purchase of olives
  • Purchase of grapes
  • Loans for other farming

Security instruments

Loans in the amount of up to EUR 25,000 can be backed with negotiable security instruments only.

Security for loans in excess of that amount is negotiated with the borrower.