Long-term loan for the tourism business

Long-term loan for the tourism business

To help you prepare for the tourist season and provide a high quality service, we have prepared a long-term loan for the tourism business that can be advanced for various purposes: purchase, refurbishment or furnishing of tourist accommodation premises.

Lending terms and conditions


  • improvements, furnishing and equipping of tourist accommodation premises
  • purchase, refurbishment, conversion, building or building an annexe to the tourist accommodation premises,
  • purchasing of equipment or parts of equipment for the tourism business purposes

Loan amount:

  • depending on the creditworthiness of the client

Front-end fee:

  • 1,5%, but not less than EUR 135

Loan repayment term

  • Up to 15 years

Loan repayment

  • Monthly, quarterly instalments

Security instruments

  • Loans in the amount of up to EUR 25,000  can be backed with negotiable security instruments only

Security for loans in excess of that amount is negotiated with the borrower.