Internet banking for MSE

Internet banking for MSE

Make your financial operations modern, simple and practical, always and everywhere under control. eLEMENT@ Internet banking of OTP banka is a service enabling you a full financial control. With our eLEMENT@ smart card, PKI USB and token you have access to your financial operations at affordable rates wherever in the world you might be, and at low rates.

Take all advantages offered as a part of the eLEMENT@ internet banking for legal entities:

  • overview of balance and turnover on LCY and FCY accounts
  • setting up of individual or bulk payment orders for national payments
  • giving international payment orders
  • choosing the order execution date
  • changing the order
  • double order authorisation option
  • creating a base of own templates
  • transfer of payroll files
  • sale/purchase of FCY at the standard rate
  • sale/purchase of FCY at the negotiated rate
  • authorisation of sales agreements
  • creating of whitelist accounts for international payments in LCY or FCY / national payments in FCY
  • additional authorisation of orders for international payments in LCY or FCY / national payments in FCY
  • overview of L/Cs, guarantees, loans, term deposits and authorisations
  • overview of Visa Business card balance
  • overview of CASH POOLING
  • overview of the general data on the investment funds managed by OTP invest d.o.o., purchase and sale of units, and overview of turnover
  • internal mailbox for messages sent to the user by OTP banka
  • statement of account print-out and takeover in the form of a file
  • overview of accrued fees
  • independent granting of authorisations to use eLEMENT@ service,
  • smart cards/PKI USB stick and token to other users within the company

Special offer for accountants

By using our Accounting Services, operations regarding the accounts of your clients can be even faster and more efficient. By using our Accounting Services, operations regarding the accounts of your clients can be even faster and more efficient. In addition to all other eLEMENT@ functionalities, this service also provides for:

  • carrying out of payments for your clients without visiting the Bank
  • overview of business operations and statements of accounts of your clients
  • business operations at lower rates (compared to other payments channels)
  • online assignment of authorisations to your employees.

By activating the Accounting Services option, you will be able to use all the activities available with your own or your clients' accounts via eLEMENT@, one card or token, in line with the authorisation level assigned to you by your clients. The authorisation levels range from simple overviews and statements of accounts to a more complex authorisation groups such as effecting and authorisation of payment orders.

Setting up and using of this service neither increase your monthly fee for eLEMENT@, nor that payable by your clients. Therefore, all the above mentioned benefits are available to you at a single fee, not higher than the one charged for managing of your own accounts.


How to use the eLEMENT@ service

You neither need any special IT skills nor equipment because any legal entity with an opened LCY transaction account in OTP banka and standard IT equipment (computer and internet access) can become eLEMENT@ user. eLEMENT@ application is also supported on MAC OS X operating system, using a token.
Simply opt for an eLEMENT@ smart card, PKI USB stick and/or token, turn on your computer and your office can become your personal bank.

When logging into the eLEMENT@ application, you can choose to proceed in Croatian or English language!


The safest way of doing business on the Internet

Internet activities are considered safe if the following conditions are met:

  • confidentiality - data coding so they would not be disclosed to unauthorised persons
  • integrity - impossibility of changing the data
  • reliability - each user on the system is indeed the one logged in
  • irrevocability - impossibility of retracting the orders once sent and received by the Bank and the client.

All the above-mentioned conditions are met in the eLEMENT@ application, by using standard contemporary security systems.


Information and help for eLEMENT@ users

If you need additional information about the eLEMENT@ service, or if you need help when carrying out transactions, you can contact the Call Centre of OTP banka at:


Using of a token, a smart card or a PKI/USB stick

Using of an eLEMENT@ smart card/PKI USB stick

OTP banka issues you with an installation package containing:

  • the desired number of cards
  • installation CD with instructions
  • eLEMENT@ smart card reader

In case of using PKI USB stick, a USB stick is issued.
Before starting the eLEMENT@ application, depending on what you use, you should insert the smart card into the reader, or the PKI USB stick into the USB port on the computer, which will read the data about the card/PKI USB stick holder and ask for the personal identification number (PIN). Following a correct log on, you will access the main menu showing all the transactions you can carry out depending on the level of authorisation.
The main card/PKI USB stick holder authorises or cancels the authorisations granted to all additional holders by an online transaction. The authorisations are defined based on the group of activities or individual activity.

Using of a token
Token is a PIN protected device for identification of the Internet banking user, and its application provides confidentiality of your accounts and safety of transactions. The purpose of a token is to calculate one-time codes to be used upon logging onto the Internet banking and upon authorisation of payment orders given via Internet. Depending on your needs, OTP banka will issue you with the desired number of tokens

Combining eLEMENT@ smart card/PKI USB stick and token
You can opt for a combination of eLEMENT@ smart card/PKI USB stick and token. In that case, the eLEMENT@ smart card / PKI USB stick always has the highest level of authorisations.