You are in the tourism business?

If you are in the tourism business, we in OTP banka have just the solution for you.

Just to mention some of our products:

Loans for the tourism business

OTP loans for various purposes will help you in timely preparation for the tourist season and offering the best possible service to your guests. A short-term loan for the tourism business is intended for the procurement of small inventory, equipment and services, current maintenance of the interior and exterior, supply of consumables (e.g. food and beverage) necessary for the season, whilst a long-term loan is intended for purchase, refurbishment and furnishing of the tourist accommodation premises.


OTP Start and OTP Extra packages

Striving to make your business with the bank even easier, and significantly cheaper, we have put together packages of services tailored to meet your needs. Package is a common name for a number of different bank products and connected services, intended for a certain customer type. By taking a package, the customer saves money, because the single fee payable for such package is lower than the sum of fees payable for individual products. Also, by taking a package you become a Visa Business Debit card holder and eLEMENT@ Internet banking user.

We recommend our OTP Start package with the basic services, or OTP Extra, with expanded services. Check them out to see which one suits your needs.


Overdraft on your transaction account

Best way to reconcile income and expenses crediting/debiting your transaction account. The overdraft amount depends on the creditworthiness of the legal entity. You do not have to utilise the entire authorised overdraft, but only the amount you need. Interest is paid only on the utilised amount of the authorised overdraft, and not on the total authorised amount. Repayment of such overdraft is made from current operations, and no later than the agreed maturity date.