Are you running an accounting business?

Are you running an accounting business?

Make your everyday job easier with OTP banka services. Check out what we have prepared especially for the accountants...

Services for You

OTP Accountant Package

With OTP Accountant Package most products and services intended for MSEs are even more affordable than in our regular offer, and keeping of your LCY transaction account is free of charge. With our eLEMENT@ Internet banking service for MSEs as a part of the package, you can use your smart card or your token to check or to make payments to/from your account or the accounts of your clients, depending on the level of authorisation that they assign to you.


eLEMENT@ Internet banking

eLEMENT@ Internet banking is a service providing you with a complete financial control. With our eLEMENT@ smart card, PKI USB and token you have access to your financial operations at affordable rates wherever in the world you might be.

By using our Accounting Services, operations regarding the accounts of your clients can be even faster and more efficient. In addition to all other eLEMENT@ functionalities, this service also provides for:

  • carrying out of payments for your clients without visiting the Bank;
  • overview of business operations and statements of accounts of your clients;
  • business operations at lower rates (compared to other payments channels);
  • online assignment of authorisations to your employees.

Setting up and using of this service increases neither your monthly fee for eLEMENT@, nor that payable by your clients. Therefore, all the above mentioned benefits are available to you at a single fee, not higher than the one charged for managing of your own accounts.


Loans for working capital purposes

We can support your operations with our loans for working capital. Such loans are advanced for the requirements of current payments, procurement of raw materials and consumables to be invested into production. The repayment period is up to 1 year, whilst the instalment frequency is negotiable (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually...). Loan amount depends on the borrower's creditworthiness.


Transaction account overdraft

Best way to reconcile income and expenses crediting/debiting your transaction account. The overdraft amount depends on the creditworthiness of the legal entity. You do not have to utilise the entire authorised overdraft, but only the amount you need. Interest is paid only on the utilised amount of the authorised overdraft, and not on the total authorised amount. Repayment of such overdraft is made from current operations, and no later than the agreed maturity date.