Are you in the agribusiness?

Are you in the agribusiness?

We strive to provide support to your agribusiness, so we developed a number of products and services intended for farmers, ranging from the package of services to various agribusiness loans.

Agribusiness package

By setting up an OTP Agribusiness Package, a special package of services and various benefits intended for farmers, you can avail yourself of better financial management, lower costs, and faster and simpler banking. This package can be set up provided you have a regular transaction account opened in OTP banka and that you deal with agribusiness of a sort.


Agribusiness loans

We in OTP banka have prepared a few lines of credit intended for farmers. We are especially proud of our Agribusiness Loans based on eligibility for subsidies, which have been immediately recognised by our customers. These loans are indeed the best answer to the problem of bridging the financial gap from the moment of applying to the moment of actually receiving the state subsidies.

Just to mention some of our products:


Overdraft on the transaction account

Overdraft is the best way to reconcile income and expenses crediting/debiting your transaction account. The overdraft amount depends on the creditworthiness of the legal entity. You do not have to utilise the entire authorised overdraft, but only the amount you need. Interest is paid only on the utilised amount of the authorised overdraft, and not on the total authorised amount. Repayment of such overdraft is made from current operations, and no later than the agreed maturity date.