We keep investing into knowledge
and fostering mutual growth.

We know that in the right team
1+1 adds up to a lot more than 2!

We recognise, develop
and build our talents.

Grow with us

Grow with us

We want our employees to receive continuous training, which is why we encourage their awareness that each form of training is also a reward. We recognise talents and develop them. By establishing a high-quality employee career management system, we grow alongside. Special attention is paid to team work as we are aware that a team holds synergy that allows us to conquer even the greatest challenges.


Education and career development
We encourage awareness among employees that every precious form of their training is at the same time a reward.
Our talents
At the bank, every manager is responsible for development of his or her talents. Every talent has a personal responsibility for personal and team development.
Our extensive experience assures us that a team equals synergy and strength. In other words, we know that in the right team 1+1 amounts to a lot more than 2!
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