Mission and vision


Keeping in step with the digital society we are immersed in, we are an easily accessible bank offering 21st century products. We recognise the diversity of our customers, and help them realise their plans in a sustainable fashion. In partnership with our customers, employees, owners and communities in which we operate, we work towards a better future.


Vision statement

It is our desire to be an indispensable partner that our customers will find worthy of entrusting their life plans and business growth to. We recognise that our customers are diverse, with different habits and needs, hence we make effort to be constantly accessible. In the world of accelerated development of technological solutions, we are recognised for our innovativeness, social responsibility, individual approach to the customers, and overall contribution to the economic and social growth of the communities in which we live and work. We are seen as an employer of choice, promoting personal development and work environment that favours team work.

We make a reliable and responsible partner to our customers, employees, owners and communities for building a sustainable future.


We have grown into a significant player at the national level, yet maintaining strongholds in our domicile regions. We belong to the fastest growing financial group in Central and Eastern Europe. Our cutting-edge financial products and services provide ample support to our customers’ life and business goals. Never losing focus of permanent development and excellence, we remain a socially responsible and reliable partner that creates an inspiring work environment and - in synergy with our customers, employees and owners - generates new values.


Mission statement

We are not only a national player, but the presence of our financial group is strongly felt in the whole region as it is the fastest growing financial group in Central and Eastern Europe. We are responsible and reliable provider of financial products and services to support our customers in fulfilment of their goals. We combine our banking services with the lease services, investment funds and insurance. Future-oriented, we keep investing into new technological development and looking for new ideas.

Our focus is excellence – the ultimate goal of all our work is satisfaction and trust of our customers. By way of responsible business operations, and in partnership with our stakeholders, we create a brighter future.