OTP banka values


As one of our values, excellence relies not only on our knowledge and experience, but also on our commitment to continuous development and progress. It stems from our focus on providing supreme quality to our customers, and developing of professional relations. If we want to develop and progress, we need to be future-oriented and innovative. Excellence is always achieved in cooperation with others, most of all the colleagues within our group, our customers and other partners. They inspire us to strive to be better, and fully committed to becoming the best partner possible. To achieve excellence, it is critical to keep investing in oneself, and to pay attention to what customers have to say, to recognise their needs and desires, and to provide them a top-notch service.

Excellence includes quality, competence, knowledge, focus on ambition and development, experience, reliability, commitment to user experience, leadership and success.



Responsibility is a rather complex value describing our conduct and our perception of other people, enriching the purpose of our business activities, and very clearly defining our commitment to long-term sustainability. Responsibility reflects not only in the development of corporate culture, but also in creation and maintenance of our external relationships. It manifests in our commitment to manage the impact we make on the economy, society and environment in a way that earns respect of our stakeholders and builds mutual trust.

Responsibility is becoming ever more important feature of the financial industry, as it entails the need for continuous education of and cooperation with the customers. Responsible conduct manifests in all the key segments of our operations: in the market, towards the owner and the customers, in the work environment and the communities where we do business and to which we contribute.

Responsibility includes overtness, cooperation, concern, mutual respect in relationship with our stakeholders, partnership, loyalty, commitment, sustainability, contribution, integrity and ethics.



Reliability is crucial in the banking and financial sector. It means concern for sound management of the deposits of our customers, their trust in safety, and dependability on the pieces of advice they are supplied regarding the management of their finances. Reliability entails around-the-clock accessibility and stability of products and services. It means investing into technology, development, nation-wide availability, and the power that warrants trust.   Reliability includes constant readiness to change brought about by development and prevailing trends, yet remaining capable of providing best quality services and products. It implies partnership with the customers and other stakeholders, and ensures long-term stability and opportunity to grow.


Team spirit

Team spirit is an intrinsic value interlinking our other values. It is a foundation for the way we do business. It implies open-door policy and two-way communication, timely information sharing with the co-workers and their involvement, realisation that each employee plays a valuable role in accomplishing of results, friendly attitude and kindness towards colleagues, sense of belonging and unity, and focus on the common goals. As for nurturing external relationships, team spirit means partnership with all key stakeholders: our customers, business partners, owners, representatives of the authorities, local communities and others.

Team spirit includes sense of unity, good communication, cooperation, respect for diversity, inclusion, measurable ambition, progressive culture, exchange and overtness, positivity and optimism.