Sustainability report

Corporate Social Responsibility

OTP bank d.d. pays great attention to the integration of sustainability and social responsibility in its operations. In doing so, we seriously consider and evaluate our impacts on the environment and society, as well as our responsibility in governance systems. In a world where for the sustainability of any organization it is not enough to be self-sufficient, but it is also necessary to develop quality relationships with stakeholders, OTP banka d.d. brings together the presentations of its impacts in one place.

The sustainability report includes announcements about the strategic approach, objectives, KPIs by which we monitor and measure our environmental and social impacts, descriptions of relevant projects as well as disclosures and data in accordance with recognized material topics. We prepare the sustainability report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standard (GRI Standard), and we also take into account the guidelines of other relevant standards and methodologies such as ISO 26 000, the UN Global Compact or the UNEP FI instructions, and publish other information in accordance with regulatory provisions, which you can find on this page, and documents that support ESG principles, which are published in the Compliance section.

As a signatory of the Croatian Diversity Charter, OTP banka d.d. adopted the Diversity and Inclusion Policy. We support our commitment to sustainability by participating in organizations that promote sustainable development, such as the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development, and we participate in the annual assessments of the Croatian Sustainability Index (HRIO).

We invite you to read our independent Sustainability Report on this page and the Sustainability Report published by our international OTP group. We are open to suggestions and initiatives from our stakeholders so that we can promote the principles of sustainable development together. Please feel free to contact us at viviš


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