Sustainability report

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility implies the responsibility of a corporation towards the society and serious consideration of the impact that its activity has on the society. In a world in which self-sufficiency of a system is not enough for its sustainability, but quality relationships with the society within which it operates need to be developed, OTP Banka has decided to show in one place what sustainable and responsible operations mean to it.
Corporate Social Responsibility principles (CSR) have been accepted in OTP Banka, and for a number of years already, besides responsible and transparent daily operations, it carries out a series of activities reflecting its social responsibility. Whilst approving loans and managing customers' savings, our bank is constantly striving to raise its level of service to a higher level, especially taking into account risk management, protection of customers’ deposits and responsible lending.


Apart from the economy, our bank's operations also affect the society and the environment as we employ more than a thousand people, we cooperate with a number of suppliers and we organize and support various humanitarian projects. OTP banka encourages continuous dialogue with influential interest groups, develops business ethics, supports various associations and institutions in its business environment, provides favourable loans to promote entrepreneurship, promotes growth of education, sports and arts and health care, promotes environmental protection and human rights. Likewise, as a regionally concentrated bank, OTP Banka recognizes all the differences and particularities of the regions in which it operates.


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