We keep investing into knowledge
and fostering mutual growth.

We know that in the right team
1+1 adds up to a lot more than 2!

We recognise, develop
and build our talents.



Our extensive experience assures us that a team equals synergy and strength. In other words, we know that in the right team 1+1 amounts to a lot more than 2!

Special attention is paid to team work and team building activities, which are primarily reflected in strategic and business planning and different development projects implemented at the bank. The introduction of new products and services with a view to maintaining existing or increasing bank's competitiveness in the market, various improvements and development of new processes or possible acquisition of another bank – this is our long-term practise with development projects implemented by our project teams. We developed and built our teams in the preceding long-term period, both in turbulent and somewhat less busy operating conditions.

We at OTP banka encourage our employees to find a way to leave their mark in their work, we encourage them to make their work unique.


Find way to leave your mark!

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