We keep investing into knowledge
and fostering mutual growth.

We know that in the right team
1+1 adds up to a lot more than 2!

We recognise, develop
and build our talents.

Education and career development

Education and career development

We encourage awareness among employees that every precious form of their training is at the same time a reward.

We want our employees to receive continuous training, to increase their knowledge and develop their skills and competences in order to tackle their tasks successfully so as to take on greater responsibility and more demanding tasks in the future. We wish for them to unleash their full potential and grow and develop alongside our business. To that end, we support their growth, plan their training in accordance with set priorities, organise in-house workshops, gatherings and meetings, apply theory to practice, motivate employees to share their knowledge and encourage awareness among them that every precious form of their training is at the same time a reward.

We know that development programmes are important in maintaining harmonisation between employees' competences and business objectives. After the completion of the initial orientation programme, our Pro-Novo programme, which supplies each employee with general information and expectations of the bank as the employer, appropriate foundations for dynamic employee onboarding, i.e. further professional orientation and development are laid.

In order to have professional orientation and development cycles successfully implemented in practice, the employees are expected to have a proactive approach and be open towards the opportunities of acquiring new knowledge and skills, and to be ready to accept the tasks and responsibilities delegated, and any future business challenges. Our activities are continuously oriented towards developing the platform of our training system and the career management process. 

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