We keep investing into knowledge
and fostering mutual growth.

We know that in the right team
1+1 adds up to a lot more than 2!

We recognise, develop
and build our talents.

Our talents

Our talents

At the bank, every manager is responsible for development of his or her talents. Every talent has a personal responsibility for personal and team development.

The quality career management system allows for the realisation of their full potential, and their development and growth encourages the growth of our business. Put simply, we grow together. Special attention is paid to our employees with exceptional potential for growth, acquisition of new knowledge, skills and competences, to those employees that are able to take on future challenges, to our talents.

Talent development consists of all aspects of their personal and professional development and training, where development activities are aimed at the following: adjusting individual development needs of the talents to the organisational objectives and tasks; enabling talents to carry out the tasks related to their current position with a higher level of satisfaction and efficiency; increasing personal ability of talents to realise organisational strategy and business plans; these are but a few objectives of our talents’ development activities.

We are planning our talents’ careers - rotation programmes, demanding tasks and assigning more responsibility, as well as work on projects and the talent forum are some aspects of development and elements we ensure in the development of their careers. This HR Policy ensures our talents have guidance on their career path, achievement of personal objectives and completing the organisation’s mission and objectives. What are my advantages/ my talents? What are the needs of my organisation? What are my advantages / my strengths? How can I develop my strengths and eliminate my weaknesses? What is my definition of success? These are but a few questions to which the HR policy must provide answers. However, the HR Policy is a “living document“, which primarily provides a framework for evaluation and matching up of individual needs and objectives of talents and the needs of our organisation.

And just how successful have we been so far in developing our talents? We believe the fact that almost 50% of the talents from our original talent pool have been promoted speaks for itself and validates our high-quality policy of development and keeping track of our talents’ individual careers. Therefore, further development and improvement upon our talent management system is based on present good practices and launch of the following cycle of identification and establishment of a pool of new talents. 

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