Currency account

Successfully participating in the payments reform, we offer setting up and managing of a regular LCY transaction account for legal entities. In addition to this account, separate accounts can be set up for different organisational segments of the entity, as well as earmarked accounts.
It is also worth noting that setting up such an account in OTP banka means easier access to loans, guarantees, L/Cs, and to a wide range of our products designed to meet your needs.

Documents required for account opening:

  • filled in Application for Account Opening;
  • filled in Agreement on types of accounts, conditions of opening, managing and closing of accounts, and payments;
  • certificate of incorporation, or from the register of the competent body if such registration is mandatory;
  • reference to the law based on which the customer is incorporated;
  • notice of the Croatian Bureau of Statistics on the classification per activities;
  • registration of the signature and the stamp;
  • power of attorney (if the application is submitted by a proxy).

Setting up an account for a separate organisational segment is conditional upon having a regular transaction account with the Bank, and - in addition to the above detailed documents - delivery of the resolution on registration of the relevant organisational segment with the court (or other body's) register, if required; reference to the regulation stipulating that such segment can hold a separate account, and a decision to that end adopted by the authorised body of the entity.