Visa Business card

Visa Business card

Visa Business card is a cashless means of payment intended for corporate customers and owners of small businesses with the registered offices in the Republic of Croatia, who wish to efficiently manage their operating and travel costs, with a number of perquisites.

Take the advantages we offer

Manage your finances simply and efficiently, anytime and anywhere.

  • a possibility of around the clock use of the finances through the extensive Visa ATM and point of sale network in the country and abroad;
  • simpler paying of bills since a number of bills may be settled in a single monthly transaction;
  • an option to defer payment for up to 40 days;
  • you do not have to worry about the travel order based advances;
  • all expenses incurred in foreign currency are calculated in the domestic currency equivalent;
  • every transaction entitles you to deduction of input tax (every time you use a card you should ask for a non-cash receipt form (R-1).


With Visa Business card your every trip is pleasant and safe.

Visa Business card holders have access to information and use a number of services, when scheduling their trips and during their stay abroad, via Visa GCAS (Global Customer Assistance Service).
Also, if during your stay abroad you encounter unexpected difficulties, you will be provided assistance in finding required forms of urgent medical and legal aid by calling the GCAS numbers.

Cut your travel expenses

The International Travel Partnership (ITP) service enables the OTP banka d.d. Visa Business card holders to make on-line booking of accommodation with 40% discount.

ITP offers additional advantages such as on-line car rental, information on flight schedules and the possibility of on-line booking of air travel.

Detailed information may be found on


Calculation of the debit amount within EEA region

According to EU Regulation 518/2019, the cardholders have insight into the calculation of the amount to be debited in the card currency in case of the transactions they made at cross-border retailers (including ATMs and cash dispensing machines) from the European Economic Area (EEA) and in foreign currencies from EEA, the authorisation for which is received by the Bank, and can compare it against the exchange rate of the European Central Bank (ECB).The exchange rate value date applicable upon posting will be the transaction date, that is, the date the bank receives the authorisation. Namely, the value date is determined based on the authorisation receipt date, which means that such transactions are recorded on the bank’s system once the authorisation has been received (for other transactions it transpires that they are recorded once the related financial transactions have been received).

Become a Visa Business card holder of OTP banka d.d.

Read the General Rules and Conditions of the issue of Visa Business card of OTP banka d.d. and submit the filled in Visa Business card application form to your business banker in one of OTP banka d.d. business centres.


Required documents

For companies

  • relevant Court resolution, in compliance with the Companies Act,
  • articles of association or statement on establishment,
  • signature card,
  • notification on the classification of business entities,
  • data on ultimate/beneficial owners of the customer
  • statement on related parties,
  • BON1 form and BON2 form issued by other banks (not older than 10 days),
  • financial statements (balance sheet and profit and loss account) for the last two years (verified by the Tax Administration),
  • last quarterly financial statement (statistical reports) verified by FINA (specifying fixed and current assets and liabilities),
  • cash flow,
  • confirmation of paid tax and contributions issued by the Tax Administration.

For small business owners:

  • resolution on entry into the registry of small businesses,
  • business licence,
  • signature card,
  • data on ultimate/beneficial owners of the customer
  • statement on related parties,
  • resolution for the last two years, confirmation on paid tax and contribution and tax return for the last year, all issued by the Tax Administration,
  • copy of the last page of the receipts and outlays report for the last two years and the last quarter,
  • list of fixed assets as at 31 December last year,
  • BON2 form issued by other banks (not older than 10 days),
  • statement on borrowings from other banks,
  • description of business operations.



Safety of your business and travel – insured by Croatia osiguranje d.d.

A special contract entered into between OTP banka and the insurance company Croatia osiguranje d.d. provides the following advantages to all OTP banka Visa Business card holders:

  • Insurance against accident. All cardholders are insured 24 hours a day.
  • Travel accident insurance paid by Visa Business card, as follows:
  • Insurance against permanent document loss or document theft in air transport,
  • Insurance against delayed or lost of baggage in air transport,
  • Delayed flight insurance.

Every cardholder who reports an above-listed case to the Bank shall be entitled to compensation from Croatia osiguranje d.d.