3-D Secure service

You like to shop online? You're not sure if you can trust the merchant on the web page from which you would like to purchase? 
Your security is our top priority! By using our free 3-D secure service, online shopping has never been safer with Mastercard and Visa cards of OTP banka d.d.


Participation in the safe online shopping programme

The 3-D Secure service can be easily activated – select Activate 3-D Secure and go through the registration process in a few short steps. If you need additional help, find instructions here. 
After joining the secure online shopping program, when purchasing at authorized Mastercard and Visa card locations, it is necessary to perform authentication in order to verify your identity and then confirm the transaction.

How to perform authentication and confirmation of the transaction? 

a) via mtoken of OTP banka d.d. Find more detailed instructions here.  
b) via PIN number which you have created during the activation of the 3-D Secure service . Find more detailed instructions here.


It depends on the web merchant which option shall be used for online shopping, but each of the mentioned options provides you with the highest level of security

Take advantage of all the benefits!

Arrange and use mtoken free of charge as part of the Internet banking service or at the OTP banka branch d.d. and confirm your purchases with a fingerprint or your mtoken PIN - depending on your preferences.

By arranging the mtoken functionality, you also have the possibility of using the telephone banking service with more favourable fees for performing financial transactions compared to performing them in OTP banka d.d. branches.



  • For the highest level of security, it is recommended to perform online shopping with OTP banka d.d. cards only on pages with the Mastercard ID check and/or VerifiedbyVisa logo