Visa Business debit card

Visa Business Edebit card

Visa Business debit card is an internationally accepted card intended for corporate customers and owners of small businesses with the registered offices in the Republic of Croatia. Visa Business debit card is a debit card as it immediately places a hold on the account, i.e. it debits the regular transaction account of the holder right away. The card can be used as a cashless means of payment at points of sale, when buying goods or services, as well as for withdrawal of cash at ATMs and other cash withdrawal points in the Republic of Croatia and abroad where Visa Electron sign is put up.

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Ways to use Visa Business debit card:

  • For withdrawal of cash at OTP banka ATMs and ATMs of other banks that have Visa Electron signs, in the country and abroad
  • For payment at EFT/POS terminals of the Bank installed throughout retail store networks and for payment at EFT/POS terminals of other banks that have Visa Electron signs, in the country and abroad
  • For withdrawals at EFT/POS terminals of the Bank and at EFT/POS terminals of other banks that have Visa Electron signs, in the country and abroad

This card is used as international on-line debit card. All transactions are carried out electronically, and are authorised by PIN at ATMs and by signature at EFT/POS terminals. With this card your funds are available 24/7, in the country and abroad.


Statement of account

Transactions made with the card are recorded on the regular transaction account. 
The Bank reports to the account holder on all transactions and balance of the account by means of a statement of the account balance and turnover. 


Utilisation limits

The customer determines the spending limits for all its business cards:

  • Purchase limit: capped at EUR 1,400 per day
  • Cash withdrawal limit: capped at EUR 600 per day


Calculation of the debit amount within EEA region

According to EU Regulation 518/2019, the cardholders have insight into the calculation of the amount to be debited in the card currency in case of the transactions they made at cross-border retailers (including ATMs and cash dispensing machines) from the European Economic Area (EEA) and in foreign currencies from EEA, the authorisation for which is received by the Bank, and can compare it against the exchange rate of the European Central Bank (ECB).The exchange rate value date applicable upon posting will be the transaction date, that is, the date the bank receives the authorisation. Namely, the value date is determined based on the authorisation receipt date, which means that such transactions are recorded on the bank’s system once the authorisation has been received (for other transactions it transpires that they are recorded once the related financial transactions have been received).

Become a holder of a Visa Business debit card of OTP banka!

Read the General Terms and Conditions of Visa Business debit Card Issuance and Usage, fill in the application for the issuance of a Visa Business debit card and submit it together with the pertaining documentation to the concerned relationship manager in one of the OTP banka business centres.


Card issuance and renewal

The Visa Business debit card is issued for the period of 5 years. Before the expiry of the first card, the Bank issues a new one for the period of 5 years. The card will be renewed until such time the card holder notifies the Bank in writing that it is no longer wanted, or until the Bank cancels it.


Reliability and safety

All necessary information and assistance in case of theft, loss or damage to your card are available 24/7 on the telephone number 072 201 555, in your nearest branch or from your relationship manager.

A Visa Business card holder travelling abroad may report card loss by calling the Call Centre or the Global Customer Assistance Service (GCAS) on +1 410 581 9994. When planning of a trip or staying abroad, you can access information, use various services and get assistance in finding the necessary medical or legal aid through the GCAS system.