OTP m-business

OTP m-business

Sometimes the things that are hardest to imagine are so simple.

With the OTP m-business service – mobile banking for legal entities, you can simultaneously do your job and control the financial operations via smartphone whenever and wherever you want.

OTP m-business application enables:

  • Overview of balance and turnover of all business accounts
  • Information about the amount and duration of granted line of credit
  • Overview of pending and queued payment orders
  • Setting of LCY payment orders up to the daily limit, with the option of using templates created through the application or via eLEMENT@ Internet banking
  • Paying of bills by way of scanning their 2D bar code
  • Scanning the code from the bill saved in the Gallery of the mobile phone
  • Overview of and payments to the Visa Business card account
  • Overview of and payments to the loan account
  • Downloading of statements of account and monthly notifications on fees charged
  • Internal mailbox for messages sent by OTP banka
  • Overview of existing term deposits, L/Cs and guarantees
  • Overview of past and future rates of exchange, currency exchange calculator
  • Calculator for informative calculations in connection with loans or deposits
  • Information about the nearest ATM or branch, and useful contacts in OTP banka

Use of the OTP m-business application

The OTP m-business application is intended for all legal entities, and it can be set up in any of OTP banka branches.

To use the application, you need a smartphone mobile device with iOS or Android operating system, internet access, and available memory for data storage.

Selecting an appropriate option after logging into OTP m-business, you can choose between the Croatian and the English language.

We have made an extra effort to make the use of this application easier, so the employees of our Contact Centre remain at your disposal for any additional information and can be reached by:

The basic functions of the application, such as overview of the demo version, rates of exchange, map with locations of ATMs and branches of OTP banka, and the basic information about the bank can be viewed even before contracting of the service. Download the OTP m-business application from Google Store or Apple Play and see for yourself how simple and functional it is.

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Safety of the OTP m-business application

Use of OTP m-banking application for smartphones is completely safe. The application is PIN-protected, and the PIN is known only to the mobile phone owner. The application can be additionally secured by activating the fingerprint scan and face ID options. Thus, along with the integrated software token, the application provides complete safety even in case of a theft or loss of the mobile phone. The information connected to accounts and PIN are not automatically stored on the phone, which means that confidentiality is guaranteed. The application switches off automatically after 3 minutes of idle time, and locks up automatically after three consecutively entered wrong PINs, which provides additional security against unwanted access.