Valuable and successful employees
make our bank special.

We recognise true values,
motivate and reward our employees.

Benefits for our employees

Benefits for our employees

We motivate and encourage our employees. We are building a culture of accountability.

Here at OTP banka we see to that the quality of work and contribution of our employees be recognised and correspondingly awarded. We ensure various benefits for our employees, and we develop and set the bar high for our salary and remuneration system, which makes it primarily just and objective, allowing employees to earn more, if they deserve it. So far we have developed the employee evaluation and remuneration criteria via various bonus schemes with defined targets (performance oriented), whereas upon evaluation of competences we define the method to be used for achieving the objectives (behaviour oriented).

Our salary and remuneration system considers ambition to be a virtue and makes the employees aware that it pays off to be successful.




We believe that salary is a good investment, as well as a cost that must be soundly managed.

We have set up a motivational, understandable, selective and flexible system of salaries and other forms of remuneration for employees' work. This system also holds the values created for the purpose of contributing to individual success and success of the organisation. Equally, using it we develop the culture where an employee’s status is based on his or her performance, whilst monitoring and retaining the top performing staff and encouraging loyalty, high standards of success and creativity. 

We have built our salary system on a set number of different groups of job profiles or jobs and their pertaining workplace structures. Each workplace is valued through pertaining salary grades with a set gross 1 pay range. We have further improved upon this HR area by developing an employee evaluation scheme, on which our managers rely in order to objectively evaluate the work of their employees. Individual salaries may be modified through annual or temporary salary adjustment in accordance with the budget provided for that purpose.   

Employee evaluation plays a key role in the employee performance management process.

Each responsible company with a clear vision of excellence must see to that the competence level of its staff is sufficient in order to reach that objective. In order to boost employee performance and productivity, we have developed a system for monitoring and evaluating their competences.

Defining the key competence model means defining the required knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and motives our employees have to have in order for both themselves and the bank to achieve the set objectives in the desired way. This model of ours also gives us the necessary insight into e.g. specific training needs of individual employees, their willingness to take on the most complex tasks, and by extension the most responsible functions, or an insight into how an employee acts in accordance with the values developed by the bank. Employee evaluation has become a key element in defining new objectives and further motivating employees; therefore, our approach to this process is responsible, professional and unselfish.

We wish the evaluation to be a positive experience, i.e. a positive process for our employees the managers rely on in their attempt to bring out the employees’ best. We wish for the employees to consider the evaluation process as a reference point for successful performance, a tool used for the identification of their weaknesses and strengths or a motivation tool and platform for the development of their careers, promotion, salary adjustments, etc.

Simply, we want our employee to build or strengthen their attitude in the evaluation and performance management process:

 „Until we think big, we will remain small!“

Individual performance is what matters in our remuneration system.

We try to create work environment where all employees have keen understanding of the impact their contribution has on the achievement of the bank's business objectives, such that provides continuous growth opportunities. In order to improve upon individual and organisation's performance, we have developed a bonus scheme for rewarding performance and innovation/ideas through various financial incentive schemes for specific employee profiles, specific business areas or specific projects, for instance: annual bonuses, rewarding of performance in the retail segment, rewarding of bad debt collection, work on development projects, etc. 

Our entire remuneration system is oriented towards the desired performance and it is reflected in employees' individual objectives. The work and individual objectives of each employee are thus connected to the objectives of the relevant organisational unit and the bank's objectives, and the bonus is based on the individual performance of each employee against the set targets. We encourage the definition of specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time specific objectives, which increase motivation and commitment of employees to their achievement. Our performance and innovation/ides rewarding system has the tendency to develop, and we are especially proud of our project OTP Eureka, which has given all our employees the opportunity to show their creativity and ideas.

„The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. – Max DePree said. Here at OTP banka we are aware how important also non-monetary recognition, i.e. praises for exceptional efforts and enthusiasm with which our employees approach their daily tasks, are. On various occasions, one being the jubilee award accompanied by a personalised thank-you letter for the work done and loyalty shown, or publication of the names of the rewarded tellers on our Intranet are but part of the praises we give our employees. 

We wish to be a modern bank that continuously invests in innovation and technological improvement.

Yes, it is precisely our vision to become a modern bank that continuously invests in innovation and technological improvement that has boosted the implementation of a special development project within the remuneration system, i.e. OTP Eureka – our project of rewarding ideas.

Benefits for our employees

With a view to improving the effectiveness of processes, development of new products and services via the OTP Eureka project, we wish to use our internal resources to generate different ideas. We wish to encourage creative thinking and full release of our employees' potential.

Rewarding of ideas takes place as part of campaigns, where each campaign is scheduled for a specific period and has a specific theme. Themes are various, depending on the current issues the bank faces or an area in need of improvement. Each idea brought forward by an employee is subject to an assessment by pre-determined groups and individual criteria, score range and the relevant weight. However, we are aware that an idea is but theory until implemented in practice. And creative ideas, in order for them to transform to innovation which brings value, are implemented in OTP banka through improvement or more demanding development projects.


Benefits for employees also make a difference when it comes to their satisfaction.

We at OTP banka define benefits for employees through individual and collective solutions. Individual benefits are regulated by special agreements and represent the equivalent of added value the bank pays to those staff members that are of special interest in its operations. Employees' collective benefits are not individually agreed, rather paid out in a non-taxable amount in accordance with tax regulations or the decision on their pay-out is mostly taken at the discretion of the Board. 

However, jubilee awards, holiday bonus, Christmas bonus, gift for the children of our employees and other occasional pay-outs are regularly given to our employees. Moreover, we have ensured other financial benefits for our employees and members of their families. For instance, special financial support that may be approved to an employee in financial predicament due to various factors, misfortune and unforeseen, special or unanticipated events. The bank is primarily focused on showing concern and benevolence to the members of the immediate families of its deceased or killed employees by providing financial support in the form of scholarships for their children and thus contributing to the quality of their lives. In addition to compliance with statutory obligations, employee health related, we have been ensuring regular medical check-ups for our employees, thus showing concern for their health. By providing such and similar forms of financial support, OTP banka pays great attention to corporate social responsibility, making its continuous contribution to ongoing enhancement of the quality of our employees' lives and the communities in which it exists.

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