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Our values and beliefs

Our values and beliefs

Our values testify to the attitude we have towards ourselves, our clients, shareholders, business associates and the community we exist and work in. Every one of our values is based on a clear set of convictions which mould the rules the act by; they are deeply integrated into the decisions we make. Our organisational structure is based on a work environment where the management clearly communicates its expectations, employees are cooperative, treating each other with respect, and knowing that their results will be acknowledged and appreciated. All our employees have been given an opportunity to express their opinions on our values by participating in a poll, and the top management has confirmed the following values of OTP banka:



We provide stable jobs and work environment with good prospects. Appreciating the trust shown in the form of invested capital, we ensure that our business operations are carried out with highest standards in terms of risk estimate and protection of the owner’s interests. Stable operations of the bank provide our customers with a permanent service of even quality and reasonable management of their deposits. We provide stability of a prudent businessman and make a desirable employer in the communities in which we operate.



Cooperation between our employees is based on personal and team responsibility towards the bank, their colleagues, customers and any other group. In all strategic decisions, we are guided by the sense of responsibility towards the investments made by the owner, as if they were our own. Customers trust the bank and our conservative approach in management of their funds. We invest into development of the economy, society and communities we operate in. We care for the environment. 



Our employees enjoy personal security and have trust in bank’s commitment to invest into development of security. We invest into development of security and we adhere to the standards which ensure our owner's trust in our sound management of the bank's assets. Protection of clients and their holdings is a principle which we unconditionally adhere to in the operations and organisation of the bank. We ensure a constant source of income for communities and thus increase their material and social security. 



We develop the culture of dialogues and respect the opinion of each employee. We communicate openly on all matters. Continuous dialogue with our owners is aimed at ensuring sharing of ideas and their full understanding of our operations. Personal and kind treatment of customers, along with clear communication on which products are best suited to each customer ensure not only openness, but also trust. We participate in the economic and social life of communities and together create open dialogue.



We are an open door organisation. We foster straightforward communication and employee dialogue at all levels. Our managers can be reached quickly and simply, which makes our operations easier. The communication with the owner is straightforward, regular and open. The owner may be consulted for any advice or guidance. Our customers' requests are dealt with on the spot and in the manner best suited to them. By developing technologies, we ensure full availability. We are part of the community and we participate in its life. Our door is open.


We care deeply about our values.


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