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Our organization

Our organization

Organisation within the bank happens to be quite a dynamic business area which challenges our managers and employees with continuous objectives such as creation and timely introduction of changes, (re)defining of competences and responsibilities of organisational units and work places, boosting both individual and organisation's effectiveness and permanent planning of work capacities in terms of optimum number, level of required knowledge, skills and competence.

Organisational changes

Most of our employees have already gained worthy experience in the implementation of structural and process changes, which was primarily manifested in the process of merger of former banks, i.e. predecessors of OTP banka and their integration into a single, unique and shared business system. At the time, the integration of the IT system was quite a challenge for our employees, which we managed to conquer, and we still like to boast of the professional recognition that ensued at state level.

Integration projects always seem like an opportune moment for a re(organisation). Our last big reorganisation was at the end of 2014, at which time the changes were initiated with a view to boosting effectiveness of specific business processes, raising the level of corporate management standards and ensuring cost optimisation. A significant number of integration projects we successfully implemented testify that people, our employees are our greatest value and resource and that there is virtually nothing we cannot do ourselves.




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