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Our employer OTP bank

Our employer OTP bank

OTP banka pays special attention to the creation of friendly, dynamic and pleasant work environment with safety-at-work as one of our priorities. In accordance with legislation our employees are entitled to form their own organisation – a trade union; consequently, today we have two trade unions within the bank. Also, bank's employees are active participants in the bank sports games, and have shown their benevolence million times as voluntary blood donors.

Work environment

We are aware that in the upcoming years a whole set of organisational challenges, with implications primarily in the financial segment and then in management, work, development and technology for all corporate entities and our bank, will have to be clearly pointed out. In order to respond successfully to future challenges, we create friendly, dynamic and pleasant work environment for all individuals so that they may acquire new knowledge, grow and develop their full potential. 

Safety-at-work and work conditions give human health top priority and allow our employees to perform the best they can. Safety has always been a top priority in our operations, as we know that it is a prerequisite of successful performance. Here at the bank, a respectable financial institution, we keep track of trends and improve physical and technical protection systems. Our employees are trained to work in safe manner and we provide them with all the necessary support they may require in extraordinary events, including psychological help in the case of extraordinary events with potential post(traumatic) consequences for the participants. 


Organising employees

In accordance with legislation our employees are entitled to form their own organisation – a trade union; consequently, today we have two trade unions within the Bank. Trade unions established by employees and the bank as the employer encourage development and maintenance of an appropriate level of cooperation in the processes of reporting, consulting and co-decision-making in the matter of mutual relationships in the areas indicated in statutory provisions, but also in the matter of cooperation on other issues pertinent to economic and social position of employees. The trade union and the bank as the employer also cherish the relationship based on professional communication standards – by respecting each other's positions and finding the optimum solutions, both for the employees and the employer.  

OTP banka is an active participant of sports games organised each year at state level, and our employees – athletes, defend the honour of OTP banka team and promote OTP banka brand awareness in informal get-togethers with colleagues. It is our desire for this praiseworthy tradition to continue, therefore, this opportunity is also available to all employees to express themselves through sports.

Apart from corporate activities by which the bank participates in a number of charities, many of our employees make a personal contribution to local communities. Countless times our employees have shown their benevolence by donating blood, therefore their future engagement in such type of charities need not be questioned.


European Business Awards has chosen OTP banka as Croatian „national champion” in the best employer category…

The European Business Awards Committee has chosen OTP banka as the Croatian „national champion“ in the best employer category. As the representative of Croatia, our bank made the second round of the screening procedure the purpose of which was to choose a representative for each of the 33 countries competing for the European champion title, and we also made a short film with humorous depiction of daily routine at the bank. The champion was decided by the vote of the competent jury, as well as public voting; even though our bank got a substantial number of votes, it did not make the next round. See the film representing our bank.



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