B2G service

B2G service

B2G (Business to Government) service makes your regular business operations easier by way of using a number of electronic services of FINA, state administration and public services available on-line. 


B2G service is intended for all legal entities holding transaction accounts with OTP banka and using an adequate PKI device to access the OTP banka eLEMENT@ internet banking service as a precondition for saving of the FINA certificate.

The legal entities that contract B2G service will be provided the following by OTP banka:

  • downloading and saving of the FINA certificate on the PKI device of OTP banka, allocated to the user for the purpose of accessing eLEMENT@ internet banking for corporate customers, 
  • ccess to FINA’s e-services for the state administration and public services using only one PKI device.


As a part of B2G service, OTP banka enables registration of the users on certain FINA’s e-service (B2G services):

  • e-REGOS service – intended for all entities submitting R-SM form (entities submitting the data for more than one hundred insured persons); where the service users are enabled:

- to enter data into R-Sm form and to submit them, signed electronically, as well as to submit any subsequently corrected R-Sm form, if necessary,

- to download any files with errors in specifications per insured persons with regard to contributions calculated on R-Sm form,

- to download the Overview of forms unrelated to R-S/R-Sm forms,

- to control the second pillar pension fund membership status of the insured persons,

- to print out the electronically signed page A of R-Sm form.

  • Annual Financial Reports Register (RGFI) – is the central point of information about the operations of all profit tax payers that are obligated to submit annual financial reports for statistical and other purposes, and /or for the purpose of disclosure, or for the public electronic library of the Croatian economy in which each user, without giving any reasons, can seek a financial report of some business entity that is obligated to submit annual financial reports; submit own annual financial reports or statistical reports, or download statistical reports.
  • WEB BON service – enables the registered business entities to download own creditworthiness information contained in BON-1 form in Croatian, English or German language, same as creditworthiness information pertaining to other legal entities, and to download the data on entities seeking creditworthiness information.
  • WEB Land Concession Register – is the central electronic register of all land concession agreements in the Republic of Croatia, kept by the Ministry of Finance, whilst the operative segment is within FINA’s domain. The public authorities awarding concessions must supply all information about the contracted concessions and about any changes to the concession agreements to the Register no later than ten days after the agreement is signed or the changes occur, and such information is entered on daily basis. The Register is public, which means that the information contained therein are available to any legal or natural persons, and not only public authorities awarding concessions and concession holders.


FINA calculates and charges the fees for using of their e-service by issuing invoices to the users in line with their price list, as available on their internet site and in their branches.

For more information about Fina e-services, and access to various other e-services of the public administration and services via Fina certificate, please visit Fina’s official web site at https://www.fina.hr.


Other available e-services of the public administration and services include: