Our 3rd solar power plant in operation

OTP banka is the first bank in Croatia to use its own energy sources. After commissioning of solar power plants in Dubrovnik and Zadar, the third solar power plant in Pula began operating.

OTP banka opened a new solar power plant on the rooftop of their business centre in Pula. Photovoltaic power system of 30 kW will produce electricity for the needs of local consumers in the building - air conditioning, lighting, IT infrastructure, lifts and more. Planned annual electricity production is 40 MWh, and it is expected that all energy production will be consumed for the needs of the business centre building. The total value of the installed photovoltaic system is HRK 383,000, and the funds for the realization of the project have been fully provided by OTP banka.

“OTP banka is committed to the realization of projects which encourage the use of renewable energy sources, which is visible in our business strategy in which we have installed measures of lowering the environmental impact. Considering that a great deal of our business operations take place along the coast, we decided to implement solar power plants in highly insulated cities. Launching the third, most powerful, solar power plant in Pula shows our commitment to the goals of sustainability, environmental protection as well as the wellbeing of the community in which we operate", said Balázs Békeffy, CEO of OTP banka.

Using electricity from its own solar power plants OTP banka implements the European Union energy efficiency guidelines, i.e. energy production at the place of its consumption. In the product portfolio, OTP banka also offers Sunny loans for which there is increasing demand. Within its Green Light for Environment program, OTP banka seeks to in various ways reduce its environmental impact, develop energy efficiency projects as well as to improve its own waste separation system.

This is OTP banka's third solar power plant. The power plant on top of the Dubrovnik business center building, with a power 25 kW, has been in use for over two years. Investments in the Dubrovnik power plant amounted to HRK 361,000, for which OTP banka independently provided the funds as well. In July last year, a second solar power plant was put into operation on top of OTP banka's administrative building in Zadar. This photovoltaic system of 21 kW was realized through a contract on joint financing of the project for the promotion of renewable energy using subsidized funds of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund. The total value of the project amounted to HRK 313,000, of which the Fund financed 40 percent of eligible costs, up to 96,200 kuna.