OTP banka donates 1.5 million HRK / 200 000 EUR to Zagreb hospitals

OTP banka d.d. donated 1.5 million HRK /200 000 EUR to University Hospital Center Zagreb and University Hospital Center Sisters of Mercy as an aid to renovate medical equipment, appliances and hospital facilities damaged in the earthquake.  

Zagreb hospitals suffered grave damage in last Sunday's earthquake. In these extraordinary conditions, when all employed in the medical system invest enormous endeavors to suppress Covid-19 pandemic and care of our citizens' health, the damage caused by earthquake made their work even more challenging.  Having in mind the importance of these two clinical centers, OTP banka feels responsibility and the need to help in recovering from the hardships and damage caused by the earthquake.

„All of us in OTP banka commiserate with the doctors, medical personnel and patients who in these grave circumstances had to leave hospital facilities and were exposed to additional stress. We greatly appreciate all efforts that medical personnel invest in healing all patients in such difficult conditions. We hope that this donation will help Zagreb hospitals to recover their facilities to enable fast recovery of their valuable work. We appreciate everything you do for us and our health every day,“ stated Balázs Békeffy, president of the Management Board of OTP banka d.d.

 „The Neonatology Ward of the Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics in Petrova suffered the most severe damage in the earthquake. Additionally, severe damage was caused to the Clinic of Orthopaedics and Clinic for Dermatovenereology Šalata, and Clinic for Lung Diseases and Clinic for Thoracic Surgery Jordanovac. Our priority is the care for newborn children and their mothers. Therefore, on behalf of all employees of Zagreb University Hospital Center Zagreb, I express my deepest gratitude for this valuable donation  which will be used for the reconstruction of the damaged Ward for Neonatology and the delivery rooms in Petrova Hospital“, stated the director of University Hospital Center Zagreb prof.dr.sc. Ante Ćorušić. .

„Unfortunately, all employees of the University Hospital Center Sisters of Mercy and our patients face additional hardship as the consequence of the earthquake. We thank OTP banka for this precious donation which will help us recover from the damages to our hospitals“, stated prof.dr.sc. Mario Zovak, director of Hospital Center Sisters of Mercy.