OTP banka confirmed its partnership with the Fortress of Culture Šibenik

By signing a two-year contract on business cooperation at the Šibenik Fortress of St. Michael today, the partnership between OTP banka and Fortress of Culture Šibenik that started last year, continued.

The contract was signed by the President of the Board, Mr Balázs Békeffy, on behalf of OTP banka and Ms Gorana Barišić Bačelić, director of the Fortress of Culture Šibenik.

"The business policy of OTP banka is, in addition to providing superior financial services to all its clients, building deep connections with all the local communities in which it operates. A year ago, we started our cooperation with the Fortress of Culture and we are proud to have become part of an exceptional story which combines rich heritage with cultural and entertainment contents, attracting guests from all over Croatia and beyond. Last year, in addition to the beginning of our cooperation with the Fortress, we also gave a significant donation of over half a million Kuna to the Department of pediatrics of the Šibenik hospital as part of our donation program "Round up", thus further confirming that we are not only here to achieve our business goals, but also to participate in the life of the city of Šibenik by supporting and helping various social activities,  a large number of which are held in the Fortress,  and I believe that owing to this partnership there will be even more of them," said Balázs Békeffy, President of the Board of OTP banka, upon signing of the Contract.

The director of the Fortress of Culture, public cultural institution that manages the St. Michael’s Fortress, St. John’s Fortress and Barone Fortress and the house of art Arsen, also expressed her satisfaction with the continuation of the successful cooperation.

Having partners who will provide an additional boost when needed is extremely important for quality work. OTP banka is our valuable partner with which we share similar values and business vision. Because of this, we are very happy and satisfied that we will cooperate again this year and that the Fortress of Culture is recognized as a quality cultural brand. For the ninth season in a row, we are trying to be relevant not only in Croatia, but also in Europe and the world. The fortresses are an imperative point on the map for all visitors to Šibenik and its surroundings, and the good news about the numerous and varied cultural and entertainment events that we organize there spreads far beyond the borders of Croatia. Through years of hard work and enthusiasm, we have positioned ourselves as an important segment of the cultural and creative industries, and we are grateful to OTP banka, which recognized our value and trusted us again this year. Together we can do even more and be even better!" said the director of the Fortress of Culture, Gorana Barišić Bačelić, at the signing of the contract.

Let us mention that the Fortress of Culture, as of recently also manages the third renovated Šibenik city fortress - the St. John’s Fortress, which was officially opened at the beginning of June after a demanding, long-term renovation. In addition to the St. Michael’s Fortress, Barone Fortress and the Arsen House of Art, which was opened last year, it is the fourth location managed by the Fortress of Culture, so cooperation with OTP banka is a valuable incentive and an extra pair of wings, the Institutions says.