Charity event held by OTP banka to mark the first anniversary of the donation scheme OTP Round up

OTP banka and Mastercard® came together to mark the first anniversary of the donation scheme OTP Round up with a live concert by Gibonni. A charity fashion show was also part of the event, where employees of the Children's Hospital Zagreb wore the outfits, and where all the money raised in the auction will go to the donation account to support hospitals.

A year ago, OTP banka d.d. launched a large donation scheme in cooperation with Mastercard®, OTP Round up! with a view to enabling, together with its customers, holders of any Mastercard® card, better healthcare to children across Croatia. Upon activation of the service, whenever a customer makes a payment using their card, lipas are rounded up and credited to the donation account set up specifically for that purpose at the bank. Each transaction by any of our customers making purchases at any point of sale in the country or online, adds to the balance in the donation account. The scheme runs in cycles, where during each cycle funds are raised for two children's hospitals or children’s wards at hospitals. Cycles end upon lapse of the calendar year, funds are given to hospitals, and on the first day of the following year the meter is reversed, but not to zero, to HRK 1M donated by OTP banka and Mastercard® to this scheme at the beginning of each cycle. The last cycle saw HRK 527,000 donated to the paediatric unit of the General Hospital of Šibenik, and the Department of Neonatology at the Clinic for Gynaecology and Obstetrics, i.e. Petrova hospital in Zagreb, respectively. The youngest among us who are relentlessly battling their health issues will see improved diagnostic procedures, better care and a more pleasant hospital stay.

In the second cycle, we will be raising funds for an ultrasound machine for the paediatric cardiology department of Paediatric Clinic, University Hospital of Split, as well as for refurbishment of the existing accommodation units in the children's surgery ward of the Children’s Hospital Zagreb.  

The number of customers that join the scheme grows by the day, with almost 17 000 participants across Croatia. The meter that shows daily balance of donations, already in its second cycle, measures over HRK 1,420,000.

As a sign of gratitude to customers that round up their payments, and by extension donate for a better healthcare of children, on the 25th of February OTP banka and Mastercard® gifted their customers with an online concert of Gibonni, who happens to be the scheme's ambassador. The first anniversary party was successfully organised live, naturally, in accordance with the relevant epidemiological measures. On the evening of 16 September, Gibonni held a live concert at the Riverside Golf club Zagreb, to mark the anniversary of OTP Round up, which was organised by OTP banka and Mastercard®. This was an opportunity to extend appreciation to all the people participating in the scheme, as well as to healthcare workers that take care of our children's health: „I am proud that our scheme OTP Round up is celebrating its first anniversary. In the first cycle, we donated to the Šibenik Hospital, and to the maternity ward of Petrova Hospital, and now we are raising funds for the Children's Hospital in Klaićeva, and the children's ward of the hospital in Split. So far, together with our partner Mastercard®, OTP banka has donated two million kunas to these hospitals, and we are particularly happy that 17 000 of our customers got on board with the scheme. The number of our customers that take part in the scheme grows by the day, and they have donated over half a million kunas since the launch of the scheme. We thank them for it and invite all our other customers to join in and provide better treatment opportunities to children's healthcare in Croatia. A special thanks to all hospital workers fighting each day for the health of our children, despite the difficult work conditions brought on by the pandemic. We believe that tonight as well we will raise funds and thus contribute to an even higher amount at the end of the year“, the president of the Board of OTP banka Balazs Bekeffy pointed out. After the head of the Children’s Hospital, Professor Goran Roić, Ph.D. med., and the head doctor of the paediatric intensive care unit of the University Hospital Split, Branka Polić, Ph.D. med. extended their appreciation for organising the donation scheme and providing a substantial financial support, all the attendees were invited to contribute to the scheme. An attractive fashion show was part of the charity event, with the outfits from the Cadieux collection worn by the employees of the Children's Hospital Zagreb. Each dress from the show was donated to charity, and the funds raised in the auction will go to the donation account. Mia Dimšić and Marija Mirković performed before the audience, bringing this incredible evening rich in compassion and consideration for our youngest to a close.