34 projects chosen following a tender of OTP banka

As a part of its donation scheme called “Green light to … better society“, OTP banka invited a tender for donation requests and chose 34 projects among which it will distribute the total of EUR 53,000.   

Upholding the twelve-year long tradition, OTP banka d.d. invited the tender for donation requests, with eligible applicants from four categories: the young, education and science; protection heritage and environment; humanitarian projects and sports. The commission chose 34 projects that targeted raising the quality of life in the communities involved, among which the Bank will distribute EUR 53,000.

Over the last twelve years, OTP banka d.d. granted over EUR 670,000 solely through its donation schemes, thus helping to implement more than 500 quality projects, critical for the development of the communities and the society as a whole.

In 2023, donations were granted to the following associations, clubs and institutions registered in the Republic of Croatia:

In the category of the young, education and science:  Preparatory School Gimnazija Franje Petrića in Zadar, Ivan Vidali Town Library in Korčula, Preparatory School (Gimnazija) in Pula, Škabrnja Women's Basketball Club, Zadar Table Tennis Club, Marjan Taekwondo Club and Sport Talent Solin universal sports school.

In the category of heritage and environment protection: Croatian Musical Youth, Moreška Society for Culture and Art in Korčula, Deak Ferenc Civil Centre in Lug, Orebić Kindergarten, Long-distance Swimming Club Split, Association Healthy Town, Babulj Mountaineering Association in Bibinje, Tourist Board of the Municipality of Ražanac and Garmenjak Water Polo Club.

In the category of humanitarian projects: Centre for Community Services in Zadar, Open House Association for promotion of architecture and design in Zagreb, Žaruljica (Little Lightbulb) Association for promotion of upbringing and education of children, Dragonboat Club Zadar and Mornar – Split Rowing Club.

In the category of sports: Župa dubrovačka Football Club, Šibenik Women’s Basketball Club, Borik Tennis Club, Solin Basketball Club, Marsonia Basketball Club, Podstrana Five-a-side Football Club, Krka – Šibenik Rowing Club, Draga Football Club in Mošćenička Draga, Zagreb Parasailing Club, Zadar Triathlon Club, Prugovo Football Club, Mertojak Bowling Club and Petason – Vranjic Handball Club.

Apart from its donations tender, in the academic year 2023/2023 the Bank has been contributing to better schooling conditions for students from low-income families and students who excel in sports through its programme “Green light to knowledge”. The project for granting scholarships to students of lower financial standing has been realised in partnership with the towns of Split, Zadar, Sisak and Biograd na Moru, the municipalities of Župa dubrovačka, Bilje, Jakšić, Nuštar, Lanišće, Barban, Pićan and Gračšće, the University of Zadar, and the charity of the Dubrovnik Diocese.

Over the last thirteen years the Bank has set aside in excess of one million euro for its “Green Light to Knowledge” in the form of scholarships and donations, thus improving the schooling conditions and investing into education.