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Press releases published in 2008

OTP Leasing: good results in the first active business year

Zadar, April 10th 2008
In the first active business year, OTP Leasing recorded very good results, realizing sales volume of HRK 428 million.

OTP Leasing concluded its first full year of operations with assets worth HRK 369 million. At the end of 2007 the number of signed contracts amounted to 1,635 with value increasing from HRK 19 million as it was in the beginning of operations at the end of 2006, to HRK 428 million.

Vehicles prevail in the sale structure with 50 percent; 30 percent pertains to equipment and machinery financing, 15 percent to trucks and buses, while 5 percent of the share pertains to vessels. By the end of 2007, OTP Leasing expanded its leasing offer on real estate as well. Its operational objective in 2008 is to reach 4.5 percent market share.

In September 2007, OTP Leasing took over Z plus leasing which operated within Auto Zubak group, and thus increased its portfolio by around 900 new contracts worth EUR 12.5 million, while the client base increased by around 500 new companies and persons.

During 2008, OTP Leasing plans to develop regional branch offices' network in all major Croatian cities. Branch office in Split began with operations in 2007, Pula and Zadar offices operate since March, while network expansion will continue with the opening of branch offices in Osijek, Rijeka, Dubrovnik and Varaždin.


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