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eLEMENT@ Internet banking for companies and small businesses

Streamline your financial operations, make them simple and practical and be always in control!
eLEMENT@ Internet banking of OTP banka is a service that allows you to have full financial control.

At all times and anywhere worldwide your eLEMENT@ card and token enable you to have full insight into your financial operations, at bargain rates.

eLEMENT@ enables you to do the following:

gain insight into the balance and transactions performed on your domestic and foreign currency accounts

place individual orders and sets of orders for domestic payments 

place international orders

select the method for the execution of your order

amend the order

set up double authorisation for payment orders

set up your own template base

delivery of data for payroll posting

authorise bills of sale

inspect letters of credit, guarantees, loans, term-deposits and authorisations

gain insight into the list of Visa Business cards

gain insight into CASH POOLING

print out statements and download them in PDF format

gain insight into charged fees

independently assign eLEMENT@ card and token authorisations to other users within the firm

How to use eLEMENT@

To become a user you need no additional IT skills or equipment; any legal entity may become a user provided that they hold a domestic currency business account with OTP banka and have typical IT equipment at their disposal - a computer and Internet access.
It is as simple as choosing eLEMENT@ card and/or token, turning your computer on and all at once your office is your personal branch!

Safest method of Internet banking

In order for Internet banking to inspire confidence, the below prerequisites have to be fulfilled:

confidentiality – data encryption so as to prevent unauthorised persons from gaining access

integrity – inability to alter data

authenticity – each system user is actually logged on

irreversibility – inability to deny orders the bank and the customer sent and received at some point.

All these prerequisites for the utilisation of eLEMENT@ service have been met through standard and modern security systems.

Contact Centre – helping you with eLEMENT@

If you require further information about eLEMENT@ service or help in carrying out transactions, feel free to call our Contact Centre.

Contact Centre is easily reached:

at phone No: 072 201 555; once the answering machine picks up, dial 3 (Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 21:00 and Saturday from 8:00 to 13:00)

via e-mail: helpdesk@otpbanka.hr

via fax machine: 072 201 970

Utilisation of eLEMENT@ card and token

Utilisation of eLEMENT@ card
OTP banka provides you with an installation package consisting of the following:
   - requested number of cards
   - installation CD with instructions
   - eLEMENT@ card reader
Before activating the application, you should insert your eLEMENT@ card into the reader that will download the information about the card holder and request that PIN be entered (Personal Identification Number). If you have entered the correct pieces of information you will be taken to the main menu and offered a number of transactions that you may carry out depending on the authorisation level you were assigned. 
The main card holder may either assign or cancel authorisations to any additional card holder through an online transaction. Authorisations are defined either at a transaction group level or a single transaction level.

Token utilisation 
Token is a device protected by PIN and used for identification of users of Internet banking, allowing you to keep your accounts secret and your transactions secure. Its purpose is to come up with single passwords that are used upon logging onto Internet banking and upon authorising payment orders that are issued over the Internet. Depending on what you require, the bank will assign you the desired number of tokens.

Combination of eLEMENT@ card and token
You may decide to combine eLEMENT@ card and token, in which case eLEMENT@ card shall always supersede the token.