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Agribusiness loan against state subsidiesis the simplest bridge financing to cover the gap from submitting of the application until receiving the state subsidies!

Do not let the summer season surprise you - arrange a tourist loan at 6.99% interest rate

Easier management of your finances with Visa Business Electron card and control with SMS card control

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Products and services for MSEs

We have successfully recognised the needs of MSEs and developed our products in a way that they respond to both your needs and wishes.

All your operations may be performed at a single location whilst obtaining all the relevant pieces of information that are essential to the success of your small business or craft.

You are opening an account? You need a card? You are saving or are in need of a loan? You wish to do business with a bank from your own office?

Learn about the offer of OTP banka and profit from a series of advantages offered to you through our MSE products and services.

Special credit lines

OTP banka has developed a wide range of services in the area of business financing. We would like to point to two special lines of credit intended for micro and small enterprises:

Line of credit in cooperation with the Croatian Agency for SMEs (HAMAG)where you can get the funding you require quite simply - by availing yourself of HAMAG’s guarantees as security

Loan Programme for the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises with EU Support,  in cooperation with the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR), where the proceeds can be fully used for financing of working capital (Micro Loans option), or for financing of your investments (Micro Entrepreneur option).  

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For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our personnel at your disposal in our business centres!