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Arange the OTPdirekt package or simply choose one of the selected services:

What are token and OTP m-token used for?

The token is a device which resembles a calculator, and every time when the Telephone or Internet banking service is used this service assigns you a one-time secret number used for identification when accessing your accounts. You can access these services even when your token is not at hand, by using the special OTP m-token application for smart phones.



OTPdirekt enables self-service banking which provides for the information on your account balance and other transactions arranged in OTP banka and simple and easy banking without actually visiting the branch.

Arange the OTP direkt package or simply choose one of the selected services!


Internet banking

OTPdirekt internet bankarstvo

With eLEMENT@ Internet banking your finances are always at hand: at home, in your office, on a journey, in a café - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All that you need is a PC, token and Internet access, the rest is as simple as Internet surfing.

Telephone banking

OTPdirekt internet bankarstvo

Find out about the banking business, products or services or your account balance and carry out the desired transaction via telephone, simply without visiting the branch by dialling 072 201 555.

OTP mobile banking

OTPdirekt internet bankarstvo

OTP m-banking (OTP mobile banking) enables you to manage your finances anywhere, anytime. Using the special application designed for smart phones working on iOS and Android platforms, you can carry out basic financial transactions or access necessary information quickly and easily.

SMS info

OTPdirekt internet bankarstvoIf you hold an account with OTP bank and have a mobile phone, by using SMS info service you can stay informed through text messages round the clock, at any location with available GSM signal. This service is sustained by all mobile operators in the Republic of Croatia.

OTP m-token

OTP m-token is the abbreviation for the OTP mobile token application intended for smart phones. Same as your standard token device, this application generates a one-off secret number intended for identification upon access to your accounts every time when the Telephone or Internet banking service is used.

OTP m-token can be installed on mobile phones working on iOS and Android platforms, and the application does not require Internet access to work. Internet access is only necessary upon takeover and activation of the application, or for changing of the PIN. Expand the functionality of your mobile phone and have access to Telephone and Internet banking services even when your token is not at hand.

How to become a user of OTPdirekt?

All you have to do is fill out the Application contained in the brochure and deliver it to any retail office of OTP banka. The branch staff will give you a token for using the service while your PIN number for using the token will be mailed to your home address. You can find the instruction manual, instructions for using the token and terms and conditions for using the service OTPdirekt in any branch of OTP banka. If you are a user of the eLEMENT@ Internet banking service, you can also use the Telephone banking service automatically without submitting an application and free of charge.

Direct savings

Direct savings is a service within the OTPdirekt package, which enables you to arrange a term deposit via the Internet or telephone, with the interest rate which is by 0.10 percentage points higher than the standard interest rate.