Stimulus to success

In order to offer more favourable lending conditions for tourism, employment incentives and development of SME in tourism, OTP banka, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, joined the loan programme for development of small family businesses and medium-size businesses called "Stimulus to Success".


Who is eligible for borrowing under this programme?

SMEs, cooperatives, sole proprietors or limited liability companies owned by Croatian citizens and registered for hospitality business, established entrepreneurs and beginners in accommodation service provision, for the purpose of investing into accommodation facilities.


  • Size of the premises: ranging from 10 to 40 rooms or 20 to 100 motor camp units
  • Purpose:
    • Investing into smaller accommodation facilities such as B&Bs, aparthotels, tourist suites and motor camps
    • Renovation of old houses observing their original architecture, conforming to the tradition and environment - "Under the Ancient Roofs"
    • Refinancing of the existing loans used for construction of smaller accommodation facilities such as hotels and B&Bs

Exceptionally, the loans may be granted for aparthotels on condition that there is a restaurant on the premises (offering breakfast, lunch or dinner) and that the applicant has obtained prior approval of the relevant Ministry. Size of the premises: 7 to 20 tourist suites

  • Loan utilisation: at least 70% for fixed assets, and not more than 30% for working capital  
  • Fee: 0.8% of the granted amount; one-off; prior to disbursement 
  • Minimum loan amount: 25.000 EUR 
  • Repayment period: up to 20 years 
  • Repayment terms

The interest is accrued and collected quarterly during the drawdown, grace period and repayment. The loan is repaid in quarterly instalments falling due on the first day of a month for the preceding month. 
If you would like to take a loan from this programme, please fill in an adequate application and deliver it to your nearest OTP banka branch dealing with corporate customers.

Stimulus to success - interest paid

The interest depends on the purpose of the loan, and is a floating one.

In the first half of the repayment period, the borrower pays the fixed interest rate, whilst the Ministry of Tourism subsidises the difference between the contracted rate and the one payable by the end-borrower.

In the second half of the repayment period, the subsidised portion of the interest rate is fixed, apart from the "Under the Ancient Roofs" Programme, where the subsidy differs over the first ten years into repayment and afterwards, and the difference between the contracted interest rate and the fixed interest rate (subsidised by the Ministry) is paid by the borrower.


Additional interest subsidies

  • of 1 percentage point if the accommodation facilities are located in the area of special state concern and on the islands allocated into the first category (according to the Act on the Areas of Special State Concern and the Islands Act), or in case of investment in the continental areas save for areas of towns with population equalling and exceeding 20 000.
  • of 0.5 percentage points, on condition that the total investment foresees one of the following complementary offers: outdoor or indoor pool, or tennis court. Instead of one of the above facilities, the following will also be eligible for additional interest subsidy: gym and sauna; playground or petanque court.