Non resident account

Foreign legal entities, representatives of foreign companies, foreign charity organisations and diplomatic representatives can set up their LCY or FCY account, subject to supply of the following documentation:

  • The application for account opening, signed by the authorised representative.
  • Certificate of incorporation of such foreign legal entity from the relevant register in the country of its registered office, or other applicable founding document compliant with the regulations of the domicile country, showing its legal form and the time of establishment. Such document must not be older than 6 months.

The list of signatories to account:

  • for foreign legal entities - a signature of the representative (one person) or a list of signatures of the representatives (more than one person)
  • for foreign branch - a signature of the representative or a list of signatures of the representatives
  • Most recent annual financial report from the domicile country or the country in which it carries out its registered activities, verified by the auditors or the tax authority. A non-resident operating for less than a year shall submit a financial report for the period it has been operating in the current year. If the non-resident is not legally required to submit financial reports in the domicile country, such report can be substituted by a tax certificate. As an exception to the rule, newly registered foreign legal entities do not have to submit financial reports.