EFT POS service

EFT POS service

For better efficiency, choose EFT/POS terminals of OTP banka at a point of sale or a cash withdrawal point, because this will significantly lower your costs, and noticeably increase the speed of your transactions. Acceptance of all cards, on the other hand, gives you a competitive edge and strengthens you position in the market. EFT/POS terminals of OTP banka enable you to accept all Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Diners and American Express cards, regardless whether they are held by an individual or a company, and issued either by domestic or foreign banks.

Take the advantages we offer

  • being able to use the cashless payment option to purchase goods and services, your customers will no longer be restricted by the amount in their wallets or the number of cheques
  • by a simple swipe of the card against a card reader on the EFT/POS terminal, all the necessary information are entered
  • your customers will surely appreciate the speed and convenience of the card payment option, and will be much more likely to buy on an impulse
  • the device checks the validity of the card, thus protecting you and your customer from possible card misuse
  • the more customers paying with cards means less cash in the cash register, and lower risk of loss in case of theft

Boost the shopping appeal of your business!

When making a purchase at your point of sale, holders of Visa Classic Instalment cards of OTP banka can be exempt from the one-off fee. Take this advantage and offer your customers to shop at a bargain. All you need to do is contract EFT/POS terminal of OTP banka, or update your existing agreement. In order to raise the awareness of your customers about the competitive rates, we have created special promotional materials that you can keep at your point of sale.


Take the cashless payment opportunity and become the point of sale with the fastest service!

By setting up an EFT/POS terminal of OTP banka at your point of sale, you will provide your customers with a contactless payment option via Mastercard and Maestro contactless cards. Owing to an innovative technology, this device supports not only the standard card swiping or inserting functionality, but also the wireless data transfer, which considerably simplifies and accelerates the payment process. Become the point of sale with the fastest service!