Western Union

Western Union Money Transfer is the service of transferring (receiving and sending) cash via express remittances through American company Western Union which provides the fastest transfer of cash worldwide. Western Union happens to be one of the oldest companies with 150-year long tradition providing its services in over 185 countries, at over 100,000 locations, which makes it the largest cash transfer network in the world.

Take the advantages


Western Union cash transfer services are available worldwide.


Each year millions of people trust Western Union with their money in order to send it to their families, help travellers in urgent situations or in order to ensure smooth operations of a business. Each transfer is protected with our top-notch security system, and you may verify it by checking the control number and protecting it with an original password you select.
Western Union guarantees to transfer your money swiftly, in full and to deliver it to the right hands.


Cash is received within moments of being sent.
Western Union uses the latest electronic technology and its unique worldwide computer network for making instant payments in over 185 countries.


Western Union agents may be found wherever you need them: - at banks, postal offices, pharmacies, stores, airports, train stations and other locations. Most of the agents have long working hours and provide services even on weekends. With over 100,000 agents, Western Union happens to be the largest cash transfer network in the world.

The fastest way to send and receive money worldwide

Send money

  • Visit the nearest Western Union agent and fill out the form "Send money".
  • Submit the completed form and money to our agent, who shall then give you the certificate of payment and the control number.
  • Inform the recipient about the sum wired to him or her. Within minutes the recipient will be able to receive money at one of Western Union agents worldwide.

Money receipt


  • See whether the money was sent via Western Union network. Your sender will inform you of the amount and time of sending.
  • Once you receive the notice, visit the nearest Western Union agent, show your identity card and fill out the „Receive money" form.
  • Western Union agent will check whether money has been sent to you and make an immediate payment.

As this is express transfer of money, which takes place within minutes between customers and does not involve bank accounts, this service is primarily intended for the persons who need money urgently:

  • tourists, due to unanticipated costs incurred abroad
  • travellers, who find themselves in a predicament
  • pupils and students studying abroad
  • expatriates
  • persons who either lost their identity documents/money or had them stolen

Western Union Money Transfer enables that one natural person (domestic or foreign) sends money to another natural person, by effecting a payment in the domestic currency, and that the recipient receives money at the nearest Western Union agent within minutes. It is important to mention that neither the sender nor the recipient need to hold an account with a bank, that payments are always carried out in the domestic currency and that money is available within the shortest possible period – in a matter of 10 or so minutes up to a maximum of half an hour. 
A great advantage of this service is that money may be paid out even to the persons who had their documents or money stolen or lost them; however, in that case the recipient must know the password, of which the sender must inform the recipient.

Western Union service is available at any OTP banka branch.


Western Union – list of countries

Western Union money transfer network is available in these countries and areas:

Albania Guadalupe Nigeria
Anguilla Guatemala Nicaragua
Antigua i Barbuda Guyana The Netherlands
Argentina Guinea Germany
Armenia Haiti New Zealand
Aruba Honduras Oman
Australia Hong Kong Pakistan
Austria Croatia Palestine
Azerbaijan India Panama
The Bahamas Indonesia Paraguay
Bahrain Ireland Peru
Bangladesh Iceland Poland
Barbados Italy Portugal
Belgium Israel Republic of Congo
Belize Jamaica Reunion
Benin Yemen Ruanda
Bermuda Jordan Romania
Ivory Coast South African Republic Russia
Belarus Cayman Islands Salvador
Botswana Cambodia Samoa
Bolivia Cameroon Saudi Arabia
Bonaire Canada Senegal
Bosnia & Herzegovina Cape Verde Sierra Leone
Brazil Qatar Singapore
British Virgin Islands Kazakhstan Slovenia
Bulgaria Kenya USA
Burkina Faso China Slovakia
Burundi Kyrgyrstan Slovenia
Chad Colombia Surinam
Central African Republic The Comoros Swaziland
Czech Republic Costa Rica Saint Lucia
Chile Cuba Saint Kitts and Nevis
Cyprus Kuwait St Martin
Cook Islands Latvia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Curacao Lesotho Spain
Denmark Lebanon Sri Lanka
Democratic republic of Congo Lithuania Sweden
Dominica Liberia Switzerland
Dominican Republic Luxembourg Thailand
Djibouti Madagascar Tanzania
Egypt Hungary Togo
Ecuador Macedonia (FYROM) Trinidad and Tobago
Equatorial Guinea Malawi Tunis
Eritrea Mali Turkmenistan
Estonia Malta Turks and Caicos Islands
Ethiopia Marocco Turkey
Fiji Marshall Islands Uganda
Philippines Martinique United Arab Emirates
Finland Mauretania United Kingdom
France Mauritius Ukraine
Gabon Mexico Uruguay
Gambia Moldavia Vanuatu
Ghana Monaco Venezuela
Gibraltar Mozambique Vietnam
Greece Namibia Zambia
Grenada Nepal Zimbabwe
Georgia Niger