OTP e-start fund


This is a fund of prominently conservative investment structure and low risk level.

Fund’s characteristics and objectives

  • preservation and stable growth of the EUR investment value,
  • safeguard from the depreciation of HRK against EUR,
  • as stable as possible growth of the investment value, whilst bringing adequate yield,
  • high liquidity of invested funds with constantly available option of liquidation of units,
  • investment dispersion together with lower transaction fees,
  • access to the markets and securities that could be inaccessible to individual investors.

Whom is OTP e-start fund intended for?

  • Investors who want to keep the value of their investment in EUR and earn a stable yield on their investments,
  • Investors who want to keep their investments highly liquid,
  • Investors whose investment strategy is rather conservative, or who simply wish to disperse their total investments over the money funds market as well.


For additional information and clarification of any questions about OTP Euro Money Fund, please visit OTP Invest site or the nearest OTP banka branch.