OTP bank
OTP banka is the fourth largest bank in the Croatian banking market, with the total assets of HRK 43 billion.
Organizational culture, values and market access are building confidence that all our bank makes it special, produced thanks to our employees. Find your position in OTP Bank.
Corporate Social Responsibility
OTP banka considers corporate social responsibility to be an evaluation of its own impact on society, environment and the economy.

News and notifications

1H 2019 OTP Group’s consolidated accounting after tax profit was HUF 178 billion (+15% y-o-y). The total volume of adjustment items (after tax) in 1H represented -HUF 24.7 billion, o/w -HUF 6.9 arose...
The OTP Startup Program, OTP Bank’s second international accelerator program has come to an end. On the closing Demo Day, the 9 companies participating in the Program presented the results of the 12-...
For the fourth year in a row, OTP banka has been selected for the best custodian bank in the Republic of Croatia in the unweighted category in the choice of Global Investor / ISF magazine. In the...
1Q 2019 consolidated accounting after tax profit was HUF 72.6 billion (+12% y-o-y) versus HUF 65 billion in the base period. The accounting ROE was 15.9% (-0.3 pp y-o-y), whereas the adjusted ROE...