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OTP banka
OTP banka is the fourth largest bank in the Croatian banking market, with the total assets of EUR 7,7 billion.
For many years OTP banka d.d. has with particular attention nurtured social responsibility by which we contribute to our impacts on society, the environment and the economy.

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We would like to inform you that the updated Data Protection Policy will come into force in November 24th 2023.  Amendments refer to point II. 4. Processing personal data based on legitimate...
The consolidated profit after tax of OTP Group rose to HUF 990.5 billion, an increase of almost 3 times y-o-y, as a result the annual ROE improved to 27.2% (+16.2 pps y-o-y). The balance of...
OTP Group posted HUF 281 billion profit after tax in 3Q 2023. The q-o-q 26% drop was to a great extent due to the negative balance of adjustment items (2Q: +HUF 98.1 billion, 3Q: -HUF 26.5 billion)....
Concluding a new sponsorship agreement with Hajduk F.C., OTP reinforces its status as the sponsor with longest running sponsorship of Hajduk F.C.. This time, the sponsorship is extended for the two...